Betterview Co-founder and COO discusses how geospatial data plus analytics can improve catastrophe claims adjudication and risk selection, how drones are used in this area, and what insurers exploring the usage of geospatial analytics should consider. He also shares how geospatial analytics helped insurers in the wake of COVID-19.

CAA Insurance Company's Group President discusses creating the first and only pay-as-you-drive auto insurance program in Canada. This award-winning ​innovation enables the insurer to better service its existing and new customers.

In this short conversation that didn't make it into Episode 5 of InsurTalk​, Jeremy Jawish, CEO of Shift Technology, discusses chatbot adoption in insurance, and the risks that come with it. Be sure to check out the full conversation with Jeremy in Episode 5.

Shift Technology CEO discusses what artificial intelligence in insurance looks like now—faster cycle times and time to payment and closure, better fraud detection, freeing up the adjuster to deliver concierge service—what it will look like in five years, eliminating AI bias, and how insurers can prepare before implementing an AI strategy.

In this short conversation that didn't make it into Episode 3 of InsurTalk, Samantha Liscio discusses how WSIB is addressing increasing cyber crime, including phishing attempts, through employee education and perimeter control checks. Be sure to check out the full conversation with Samantha in Episode 3

Farmers Insurance Head of Digital Transformation and Change Management within the Farmers Claims Team discusses the company's claims transformation, including automating claims processes, omnichannel, and innovative strategies around claims. She also touches on overcoming common challenges that come with driving large-scale changes.

Workplace Safety Insurance Board Chief Technology and Innovation Officer discusses the company's digital transformation and accompanying cultural shift. The insurer creates production-ready, minimum viable products using a digital factory concept, and identifying customer needs to launch a digital document upload tool.

Economical Chief Transformation Officer discusses the digital transformation of the company, most notably the development and launch of Sonnet Insurance, Canada's first digital direct channel in the property and casualty sector. Sonnet has revolutionized the insurance buying experience by making it simple, easy, personalized, and accessible.

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Aviva Italy Chief Operating Officer discusses the company's digital disruption initiative AvivaPlus, radically redesigning the customer experience, and creating a digital paperless workflow tailored to the consumer.

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May 27, 2020

Introducing InsurTalk

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